Established in 1994 by Alan Feldberg, Crescent Carpet Importers is one of the industry’s top carpet design manufacturing companies. He is at the forefront of carpet fashion and has designed beautiful renowned carpets, exclusive to Crescent Carpet. Mr. Feldberg has a discerning eye in selecting product which are loomed to the highest standards of quality. “We favor mostly wool and wool blends fabricated to our exclusive designs and look for sophistication and luxury in color and material, as well as in artistry. "


In 2008 Alan’s son Adam joined the company with a passion for design and manufacturing. He too has a great eye for carpet fashion in which he creates a unique and sophisticated style. Adam travels all over the world to places like India, China, Spain, and Nepal to bring the most beautiful and elegant fabrics to his designs, loomed by people who have been doing so for generations. Adam was privileged to move to Spain to work in one of Crescent's factories really getting the proper education to gain the knowledge first hand on how the manufacturing process works. With the drive and passion of design and manufacturing, Adam is forging the future of Crescent Carpet. Adam believes Crescent Carpet isn’t like any other carpet importing company because it’s not about buying product overseas, it’s about designing, staying current and keeping up with the trends. “This is not just a business for me this is my passion. Working every day traveling the world hand picking each and every individual fiber, color and pattern to stay current in the world of textiles today. No school can teach this business, this is an art. It’s in my blood.”


Today, Crescent Carpet continues to be one of the industry’s leading carpet designing and manufacturing companies, with a client base of over 500 design showrooms, interior design firms, architects and retail establishments. Their inventory is stocked in New York. They continue to expand the product line with beautiful bespoke designs which enhance Crescent’s existing collection.

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