Our warehouse facilities offer in-house staff to fulfill your specific carpet fabrication needs. Any of our carpets can be finished with serged or bound edges.


We can also hand apply your com bindings, which would include 4 mitered corners and could show from 1" to 3" on the rug face.


We have furnished some guidelines below for material requirements, but invite you to fax your requests for quotation to our estimating department at (516) 484-8355. We will try to reply within 24 hours.


Lead time for labor is usually between 1 and 2 weeks depending upon the complexity of the fabrication project.

Bound/Serged Area Rugs 1. Calculate the field carpet required including the full roll width, plus 3" length to insure straight edges. In addition, the design repeat should be added in to allow for centering of the pattern. 2. Binding; calculate the lineal footage for the perimeter of the rug plus 6" for each mitered corner. 3. Special shapes; fax requests for quotation with applicable diagrams, if possible, to our office.

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